The real international experience

Small blue-shirted, red-shorted British girl

Greets white-shirted, blue-suspendered Indian girl

Who stares bewildered at tall, salt and pepper haired, slightly-hunched, overly-tired

Wary English father who makes Hugh Grant-like comments.

Blonde-hair-till-her-shoulders, outgoing English girl

Pokes short-haired, bindi-wearing Indian girl,

Tried to hold her hand,

Gives her a small “cuddle”

While tall purple-wearing Indian didi watches over kindly.

Didi shakes the English girl’s hand,

And the Father shakes the Indian child’s

Noticing the Doraemon (“blue teddy”) clipped on her suspenders

Indian girl continues to look stunned as the English girl proceeds to

a) hide and

b) hug her and

c) kiss her cheek and

d) hide once more before

e) running away all together.

The Indian girl follows shortly afterwards,

And with that,

A short yet truly international, beyond-boundaries, no-inhibitions interaction comes to a close.