Napowrimo #25

rain splatters toe

& freckles cheek

touches bottom lip.

dots my arm and







skin gleaming with patches of coolness


drops weaving through,

tangling&braiding themselves in





treading a path through a sea of wind.

waves of air breaking over me

encircling my neck

i’m dissolving

in the storm.


napowrimo #21 shower

when you overhear your mom singing in the shower


your voice rises as the water falls,

mixing with the steam and scent of warm flowery shampoo,



an old Hindi love song from a childhood favourite movie

the tunes etched in your memory


clothes, worries, work, family



a 19 year old sings in the shower,

and the actors smile in her head


her 17 year old daughter outside,

does the same.

NaPoWriMo #19

the sun was made

to serve us.

to become but a slave to the gravitas of life.

to greet us in the morning, and bid farewell at night.

to aid our growth

and enhance our development.


the stars were made to please us.

they were made

to guide us.

oblivious of each other,

it was we who connected them to their celestial fellows in constellations


we are the earth’s champions

her chosen sons

we are the dreamers and wanderers

and we will overwhelm the darkness we swim in

any other life is not companion as much as conquest

one day, we will leave our home behind


in our ambitions – as always –

of the earth, sighing in relief.

NaPoWriMo #18

Q5. Write a letter to your uncle describing the new house you bought in the city (6)

(Well, what did you write?)

dear uncle,

we have bought a new house in the city.

it is very big and very fancy. there are two floors. there is a nice veeve from the windows.

there are many shops near us like the punchar shop so i can cycle every day.

it was too empty, i asked Papa should we sleep on the floor. He said the bed will come in a few days. this is temporory.

i walked outside with Papa after seeing the house.

Papa took me to a caef for kaapi. it is a new store. i wanted expresso but he said no.

the coffee-uncle and Papa did talking. coffee-aunty has gone to Amerika.

Maybe one day i will go there too.

NaPoWriMo #16 (I contact)

and for a moment,

our lives intersect.


i know –

the past holds your mistakes and the future holds your dreams

your loved ones hold your affection and the world holds your spirit

and (but) I?

i hold your eyes.


and your view is that of a familiar face

but your gaze is a ghostly hand trailing down my spine,

ever so teasingly

sending tingles with each touch

knowing my each weakness, vulnerability, guilty pleasure –


(and life kids itself into thinking that it’s happening,

that time is progressing, that people are moving)



this moment is an infinite memory

you’ve become my moment

and i’m quite sure, that

i am becoming



and then our senses burst back into reality

and im gulping this secret down as voices bounce back into existence and conversations progress

and you’re back in your life,

whatever it was


the moment is almost gone/ almost lost



one more glance,

a sidewards dart

and i know

its our secret to keep.

NaPoWriMo #15 (Middle)


                                         Unknowing starting

                                         and oblivious ending

Life is in between



This is a never-ending intermission

But we’ve stuffed ourselves silly with popcorn

and drained all our Cokes.

Now the sticky cup is just another thing to chuck at my friend’s head

and my crumpled straw is a fake cigarette.

Paused the movie right before the door bursts open,

Paused life right before the dreaded results

Suspended suspense.

Get a move on, already

Give us something – success/failure/change

How suffocating is this stagnation!

Can I tell time to hurry up?